Brightcore is a distributed computer system which enables virtually unlimited variations in human-machine and machine-machine interaction. READ MORE

BrightCore referenced in one of Berkeley…

BrightCore @OS inffstructure was mentioned as a reference in PhD dissertation made by Arka Bhattacharya  "Enabling Scalable Smart-Building Analytics",  Technical Report No. UCB/EECS-2016-201, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of...

BrightCore M2M Presentation at SPS Drive…

BrightCore M2M infrastructure portfolio will be presented at Deutsche Telekom AG booth Hall 10, Stand B 01, at SPS Drives exhibition Nürnberg, Germany  (26. - 28.11.2013)    

M2M DT Marketplace

Visit our marketplace from this link.

ALPHA exhibitor at websummit 2013

BrightCore Framework qualify as ALPHA exhibitor at websummit 2013. Alpha program is created to point out the incredible startups.

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