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About BrightCore @OS

So, what makes BrightCore @OS different, and IOT as well SmartGrid appealing?

It is not done as a usual solution with standard usage as an interface which talks to the automation network. It is not talking over the gateway with the automation network.

BrightCore @OS talks through  a native network device which follows rules of the network as any other attached device. Why that is important? That unique feature opens seamless integration of whole automation network into IOT  architecture.

After the data content from a field device reaches the BrightCore @OS BrightNode device, it is translated into a common object which keeps all details of the particular network automation protocol (data points as well services and data properties and values). Such an approach helps us to connected data point from various networks without a usage of a gateway in the same process, and ensure internetwork visibility of devices beyond the built border. Such a feature is essential for controllable IOT integrated facilities.

Having problems like "we do not support, or you need to build server to get data" from various manufacturers generally initiated development of BrightCore @OS framework. @OS was awarded LonMark's international software product of the year at LONCOM2009.

The base for that development and achievement was the LonWorks software stack, which could transform any IP device with Operating System to IP LonWorks device commissionable in standard LonWorks commissioning tool (LonMaker). The stack currently works at both platforms Windows and Linux, from small DIN rail embedded devices to big 19” rack servers. During the time we added to @OS Modbus, BACnet, REST and SNMP.

Other protocols will follow. What will stay the same, is absolutely open system approach and native accesses to particular control network through a device.

Our vision is to have a platform which could work with products from any vendor, in a native way without gateways. To have a platform which will simply integrate IOT applications without limits, without compromising controllability of the system itself.                                    

BrightCore @OS gives you a secure way toward native support of LonWorks, Modbus, BACnet, SNMP,  REST and MQTT networks and their integration with common IOT applications!

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