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BACnet BrightNode - BBN (BACnet)

The BACnet BrightNode acts as a Data Acquisition Server, and it is the adapter which acts as A BACnet IP device and translates BACnet Ip traffic to UCNP ontology model.

The BACnet IP BrightNode creates a powerful connection between devices on a BACnet IP, Ethernet, MSTP network as well with other devices on any control network. The node could be installed on the following OS platforms: Windows and Linux, from DIN-rail, mounted Devices to big 19” rack servers.

BACnet BrightNode features:

  • Works on top of Windows Oss or Linux
  • Based on our UCNP Stack
  • BACnet IP Client/server
  • Developed in c++
  • Real-time clock
  • Supports up to 8192 BACnet IP or MSTP devices
  • Supports up to 255 BACnet MSTP units connected to one BACnet IP/MSTP gateway
  • Individual control of 65534 BACnet objects

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