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LonBrightNode - LBN (LON)

The LonWorks Data Acquisition Server is the adapter that translates LonWorks traffic to UCNP. The Node is based at our VLD - VirtualLonDevice framework unique fully compliant EIA-852/EIA-709 node framework that provides connectivity of LonWorks networks in M2M style with the BrightCore infrastructure.

The Node acts as a peer in the control network and the control network recognizes this node as any other controller commissioned in the LonWorks network. Furthermore, this virtual LonWorks node appears in LonMaker as one of the control nodes, which represent a very unique feature not available anywhere else. We are still the only company that has a LonWorks node which is not bound to proprietary hardware.

Through the VLD framework, LonWorks BrightNode follows the EN 14908 family of standard, as well as the ANSI/EIA/CEA-709 and EIA 852 tunneling mechanism over IP standards. The node currently runs on a Windows family product, as well as the Linux OS. This unique open LonWorks® infrastructure lives entirely in the IP world, and at the same time still keeps compatibility with regular Lonworks® infrastructure. The VLD framework brings a possibility of high-performance controller applications for EIA-852/EIA-709 networks fully used in the LonWorks BrightNode.

LonWorks BrightNode features:

  • Works with Windows family products & Linux
  • Works from DIN rail embedded devices to 19” rack servers
  • Includes a real-time clock
  • Interoperates with LonMaker®
  • Supports EIA-852 fully
  • Provides no limitation on network input buffers
  • Supports dynamic network variables
  • Supports up to 65534 network variables
  • Supports up to 4096 network variable aliases
  • Supports up to 8192 LonWorks® devices per node
  • Supports 65534 binding with LBN dynamic network variables
  • Supports 65534 puling of network variables from LonWorks networks
  • Supports bridging with other BN control networks
  • Supports extended set of address table entries with up to 65535 address table entries
  • It is based on Lon Stack (Lon stack) and UCNP Stack
  • It has an integrated web server for configuration (service pin, reset button…)
  • Developed in c++
  • Compliant with existing LonWorks® (CEA 852) routers

The BrightNode application represents a controller application. It communicates Between BrightCore M-stack and the LonWorks Node connected to LonWorks network over N-stack (the Lon stack of ours).

The Lon stack is a fully compliant EIA-709 protocol stack.

CNIP implements EIA-852 tunneling protocol.

CNIP module features:

  • Encapsulation of EIA-709.1 packets over an IP channel
  • MD5 authentication

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