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Saving the energy and increasing the productivity by optimizing facility operations request good understanding of building data. Generally that means usage of negative feedback loops to insure equilibrium and selfmaintenance through control and stabilty, by achieving control stability we are creating on the another side positive feedback loop of money generated through savings of energy and mainteinance expenses.

Connect enterprise applications with building controls, sensors and energy meters is simple task with the BrightCore framework.

As a modular, flexible technical architecture, built on open standards it is a must for itegrating realtime building systems with business applications. Since it has open structure and conectivity towards open protocols it could be tailored for specific needs. The platform is designed to make configuration quick and easy.

Through the configurable software platform our building services experts will help you to correlate operational data about your people, activities, occupancy, building controls and meters, as well as relevant external data on weather, energy prices and benchmarks.

As a result, you get deeper insights on an ongoing basis to enhance your controls; for a single building or for an entire portfolio of buildings.

01Save energy and increase productivity by optimizing facility operations

02Connect enterprise applications with building controls, sensors and energy meters

03Integrate virtually any realtime building system or business application

04Benefit from a modular, flexible technical architecture, built on open standards

05Deploy standalone inside your applications or access through cloud

06Install as a peer on your IP backbone, or as a gateway between IT and building systems

07Trust in a proven, reliable and secure platform, in production operation is for over 4 years.

brightcore cloud service

BrightCore offers, among Secure and reliable infrastructure, a full range of Professional Help to Contractors and 3rd party service providers in implementation of solutions based at BrightCore OS platform to meet specific building client requirements.

Our team of Automation, Software, and Network experts, as well wih Energy and Sustainability professionals uses a proven approach to help you in implementing Online Energy Efficiency Management through opening of a building data boundaries and connecting buildings data with expet systems.

BrightCore market place of Building data & services will enable you to work with other stakeholders in establishing of a flexible and affordable solution that allows end user to have Phd expert available at the smallest site when needed.

Our help services include support in all phases of Project Management, Project Planning, Data Discovery, Solution Design, Solution Configuration, Solution Deployment, Training, and Software Adoption and Custimisation.

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