"Brightcore" in European Parliement in Strasbourg

We will present  Brightcore Distributed Building Management Infrastructure through presentation: Tomorrow energy management solutions now! at the Forum Green and connected Cities which will take place at European Parliament in Strasbourg. It will be just 150 participants (mayors/urban planners). It will be 2 days of exchange and creativity, projects and actions.Our company got a special call from organizer to present  BrightCore at this forum.

At the forum will be presented The Green and Connected Cities Cluster set up and led by ACIDD and the Grenoble School of Management. It is made up of 7 French cities, Mediterranean and northern European towns and big firms such as Cisco, Orange, Renault, Schneider, Veolia, associated with institutions such as the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Environment Agency, research bodies, NGO)..

Information and communication technologies play a decisive role in the future of our societies and sustainable development of our territories, especially in large towns. They can and must be the levers for a human development and a democratic renewal, for an economy which takes all its social and environmental responsibilities and develops by reinventing its models for wealth creation.

There are less than 3500 days left until 2020 to carry out Europe's aims: lower our energy consumption by a least 20% without altering the quality of life shared by all. To do this we have to reinvent cities, change the economy, enter fully into knowledge economy, and lessen our impact on the environment... A number of questions arise: their answers must be built together and all conférence de Copenhague sur le climat adds up to a good reason to be present at this first Green & Connected Cities Forum, in a network value creation approach and in new generation clusters.

This is particularly true at a local level, close to the public and its needs. It is in the heart of towns and territories that the potential for using these electronic networks for sustainably.

This Forum which is the only one of its kind will be the opportunity to discover and elaborate new projects... to meet with territorial stakeholders, economic decision-makers, communications experts, people in charge of societies, Internet and new technology specialists, people in charge of media, researchers... all those who are acting in practical terms and leading initiatives for creative, responsible, attractive, dynamic, value creative... green and connected territories! le development emerges.

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Brightcore Distributed Building Management Infrastructure is a distributed software system which primary goal is to successfully mediate between control networks and client programs. It is an open platform, not semi close solution. BrightCore includes the tools for an easy integration, maintenance, supervision and development of new applications, as well object classes. (Prototypes of user-defined constructs, which govern how variable data is processed)

The System opens space to ICT professionals by Shell API, who are not necessarily experts in the automation, to build connections to Enterprise class of applications, as well to build special corporate applications like the energy management dashboards. All products developed at the top of the Shell API could be offered to market as separate products. Its focus is the needs of corporations and not the technology. Besides, this technological solution primary helps by connecting devices from the different syntactic and semantic networks like (Lonworks, BACnet, KNX, Modbus)

Elma Kurtalj Ltd. is an engineering company. It combine his engineering capabilities with excellent logistic support of delivery of equipment and services including manufacturing products in the areas of business ICT infrastructure and Buildings Management Systems (BMS) based at open protocols (Lonworks, Modbus, Bacnet). In addition, we are delivering complete electrical and intelligent building infrastructure from basic design to total deployment, fully based on open protocol system paradigm.

Since its establishment in 1991., the company expressed its determination to deliver top quality equipment and solutions in all aspects of its operation, which is confi rmed by ISO 90001: 2000. All our solutions are based at open protocol structures.

The company operates from locations in Zagreb. The company operates through division structural model as follows: Energy Consulting, Building Automation and Process Automation, (HVAC, energy, lighting, CCTV, switchgear automation, access control), ICT, manufacturing equipment and software. As experts we are able to identify infrastructure needs and solutions and position ourselves in front of investors with clear “Return-Of-Investment” arguments.

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