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General concept

The BrightCore framework portfolio follows the idea to seamlessly integrate open automation protocols like LonWorks, BACnet, and Modbus, Zigbee, and KNX as well as IoT networks like LoraWan.  The solution is designed so other protocol could be incorporated as well.  Through REST/JSON or DB CoreLet, all underlying infrastructure could be extended and integrated with common ICT infrastructure what we today address as industry 4.0.

It works as a glue between real device word and ICT environment helping stakeholders to stay in full horizontal and vertical interaction.

Furthermore, it is specially designed to support organizations who have a lot of geographically distributed facilities of any size and would like to lower there facility automation commissioning, energy, and life cycle maintenance expenses through the usage of open automation protocols and applied multivendor architecture as well integrated into their common infrastructure IoT networks.

The only requirements that the framework puts on the table is that all networked devices have to be based at the common IoT networks like LoraWan or Open Automation Standards like BACnet, KNX, LonWorks, Zigbee, OpenCanBus or any other standardized automation protocol.  If there is a proprietary technology the only way is to access the devices through a gateway.


Although the concept of facility automation has been in existence for a long time and has witnessed profound growth in the last fifteen years.  Still, there is a huge demand for HVAC, security and access controls as well integration of IoT models into the common structure. Growing awareness of wireless technologies like LoraWAn and the developments towards the integration of local wired,  wireless and Smarty City networks will propel the market in the future

The demands for energy efficient facilities, more convenient devices and enhanced security via automation and controls remain the major drivers for the automation controls a market.


"BrightCoreTM @OS Network Operating System" or in short @OSTM is a middleware for networking dissimilar embedded systems based at Open standardized protocols (LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, KNX) and allows commisioning engineers and developers to create ambient and service intelligent applications; protocol agnostic, therefore applicable at every site regardless of the technology used in the site-automation-network.

The commissioning engineers are thus provided with tools for simple and secure integration of heterogeneous automation networks into interoperable distributed environment systems. It offers a toolbox that supports commisioning engineers as well as developers to build smart building automation applications more easily and more open towards ICT solutions. By using the BrightCore development and commisioning tools in the development of new services and applications, producers can provide value-added intelligent solutions for their customers, where the complexity is hidden behind user-friendly interfaces.

The BrightCore will integrate successfully already deployed network and new networks, without compromising original Field-Bus network integrity through this unique feature of integration into the FB network as a common M2M device, not an interface

Integration delivered in such way will help all stakeholders achieve the long-awaited goal of producers and service providers to be able to build cost-efficient ambient and service-oriented intelligence systems with high performance,  high reliability, reduced time to market and a faster deployment.

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