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Development Kit

BrightCore M2M.NOS Shell SDK (C++, Java; Windows, Linux)

Throughout our business practice, we learned that applications share similar requirements. The difference occurred with the integration to various RDBMS systems and services.

We developed a very unique SDK which allowed general ICT programmers to use Rapid development toolkits and create new applications and services over M2M NOS.

It represents the interconnecting module for 3rd party application to the main system.

Client programs can connect to the M2M.NOS.Core and get the information on object values as the Core stores all object value changes in an internal database. They can also be notified about object value changes as the changes happen.

This traffic goes through the UnifiedControlNetworkProtocol. Client connectivity to the M2M.NOS.Core is handled by the BrightCore client API and SDK - the Shell. The Shell is simple to use, it enables 3rd party vendors to create new BrightCore clients (called BrightLets and CoreLets) tailored to custom specifications.

The Shell also supports client network actuation - setting the network variable values. The Shell solves the problem of changing user demands - client programs can be created and modified according to user wish, without compromising system structure and function.

The shell opens a window to ICT applications and services to communicate with the field networked devices at the same M2M level.

The developed applications could be offered on the market as a finished connectable product to M2M.NOS or as frameworks.

The B.M2M.NOSTM creates space for the ICT professionals, by Shell API, or through Event driven connected RDBMS attached to the system. Simply, the field in the database is treated as the property of an object and as such could be attached directly to the physical value in the real-time controller somewhere in the network. The RDBMS acts as just another device and to the M2M devices, their tables/fields represent just another variable from another device mapped to the device value.

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