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DB CoreLet

It is a CoreLet for intercommunication between real-time data and the RDBMS. Currently, the M2M.NOS supports the MySQL database only. It allows fully open access to data produced by the system (trends, Measurements ...)

The Database CoreLet is intended for a direct two-way interaction of BrightCore M2M.NOS with different standard databases.

It allows you to automatically transfer data in real time between the database and the objects in the system, and thus control the networks that are connected to it.

It stores Data from the input table database immediately after it is received to the input table and is passed on to the M2M.NOS infrastructure. The data from the M2M.NOS infrastructure is instantly written on the appropriate output tables in the Database.

The linking table with the M2M.NOS infrastructure is done via Connectors, which allows flexibility in configuring by connecting multiple appliances to the same database table, both the input and/or output table.

A number of different types and the number of instances of the database that is at the same time connected to the Database CoreLet are not limited, as well as the number of input, output or passive table within each database. It has a built-in mechanism for the automatic creation of the database and the required tables with triggers directly from the configuration system made in the BrightCore Builder.

There is a possibility of an additional initialization table and the setting of an additional trigger on the database configuration in the Builder.

MySQL and SQLite DAO are currently there to connect to the eponymous database.

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