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Secure device mirror gateway endpoint– Modbus to Modbus

Secure device mirror gateway – physical end connected to real Modbus network, and interconnected over BrightCore with virtual Modbus network Head end.
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The BrightCore BrightNode DSG-MMA-32 is endpoint between unsecure Modbus network and secured BrightCore message encrypted data-teleport infrastructure.

Physical Modbus devices are connected to DSG-MMA BrightNode over internal RTU/IP Modbus adapter. One or more DSG-MMA-32/64/128/256 BrightNodes are connected over Internet/Intranet with one DSG-MMV-32/64/128/256/512/1024 BrightNode with Virtual Modbus network Corelet.

Interconnection between DSG-MMA and DSG-MMV is event driven and encrypted. Data flowing through that link is encypsulated into BrightCore ontological object model and as the data values arrived from DSG-MMA to DSG-MMV they are reconstructed as data values in morrired virtual Modbus devices.

Every physical Modbus device is paired with one virtual Modbus device within DSG-MMV virtual Modbus environment. Any register value changed in physical device will be tranfered automaticaly to mirrored virtual device and as well any change at the virtul modbus device will be transfered to physical modbus device.

Virtually networked Modbus devices are accessible from any software who could read/write parameters from/to Modbus devices.


BrightCore DSG-MM datasheet

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