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BrightCore @OS IOT/M2M Network Operating System

Unbounded IOT!


With BrightCore @OSTM Network Operating System you can connect to, manage and process data from any remote system regardless of media used (Landline, Wireless or Satellite).   BrightCore open ability to communicate by any of standardized open protocols in the most economic way. In few easy steps and with possibility to avoid mayor upfront investment, we can help you and your contractor to build your individual IOT or machine-to-machine (M2M) application on top of @OS with our toolkit, or through event driven SQL database,  allowing you to receive benefits of IOT integrated system in less then a month.  

What is BrightCore @OS?

BrightCore @OS is an IT /OT enabler with a primary goal to successfully mediate between IOT/M2M, facility automation control networks and their desired IT uses. BrightCore @OS acts as a two-way information conduit that connects control networks with servers and client programs called BrightLets, CoreLets and HoloDeck (an virtual representation of physical remote devices). The actual function and purpose of BrightLets and CoreLets is not predefined. Generally BrightLets are clients and CoreLets are servers. Shell API, an modular software SDK is a gate for 3rd party applications into the direct connection to the rest of BrightCore infrastructure. Other way of building application on top of @OS is through connected event driven database.

Thus, individual IOT/M2M application can be tailor made or purchased from already available applications and services. Cost efficient and scalability could be achieved trough cloud based approach or through accommodation of private close infrastructure. The solution is economically sustainable regardless of number of sites and devices connected. It does not mater if there are few large sites or lot of small ones with just a few machines geographically distributed over large territory.

Whom does BrightCore @OS address?

The B.@OS is designed for:

  • Companies who desire an remote management solution but they can not find one at the market
  • Companies who have need for deep IOT/M2M integration into their business process for affordable price
  • Companies who have a lot of geographically distributed sites delivered from various contractors
  • Companies who have strong development possibilities and are interested in offering Cloud based service to Consumers
  • Companies who are looking to connect small remote sites over satellite link

B.@OS through its model makes it easy to monetize your ideas:

  • Your systems and machines are operated on the site by service personal
  • You have few contractors building your site infrastructure and you would like to keep them but put them under same umbrella
  • Your current solution is not open and you have big problem to exceed the functionality outside Automation boundaries
  • You would like to put your maintenance under control
  • You would like to combine data from various internet services into your M2M business model
  • You would like to monetize your special knowledge and offer it to the market as a product or service

B.@OS opens possibilities currently available just from large vendors as part of their closed systems.

What ever industry you are in, Utilities, Trade, Building Management, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transport  - BrightCore could help you to find the right, affordable and extendable solution.

If you are looking to connect your remote site over satellite and would like to keep all hardware and software in place we have solution what you can count on.

If you can imagine we can make it real.

Example of use

Company deploys elevators globally. With the aim to increase the availability and serviceability of elevators uses customized remote management with direct link to their in-house applications and data.

The elevators now send vital data in real-time with information about functionality and general operating conditions of the elevators regardless of media used (Terrestrial or Satellite).

Service employees can remotely access the systems at any time using graphical interface, or it could be directly connected to the existing servicing application. Customized reports are created for technical and business use. The systems could be automatically updated with actual software and firmware.

BrightCore @OS Shell SDK

Throughout our business practice we learned that applications share similar requirements. The difference happened with integration to various RDBMS systems.

We developed SDK which aloud to the general ICT programmer to use Rapid Development Toolkit and create new applications and services over BrightCore @OS. Developed applications could be offered to the market as finished connectable product to @OS or as frameworks. All development could be done in general programming languages like C++, C#, Java, Payton at the both platforms Windows and Linux.

Currently available components:

BrightCore Builder

BrightCore Builder

The BrightCore @OS Builder is a program for commissioning, mapping, creating and editing the main BrightCore @OS configuration and object interaction business logic.

Mapping of variables to objects, objects to objects, object definitions and everything vital to the functioning of BrightCore @OS is configured in BrightCore OS @Builder.

The BrightCore @OS Builder includes vector graphics editor for creating interactive graphic representations of variable data. Graphics are handled in BrightLets by Shell engine, which has a built-in vector graphic engine. The entire system has a well-defined encapsulated core server and it is completely extendable to be sufficiently versatile for today’s continuously changing market demands.

OverWatch - BrightLet

OverWatch - BrightLet

@OS OverWatch is a control-center-type BrightLet – HMI. It enables user to monitor and control networks in a four main aspects: Alarms, Trends, Graphics and Time Schedule. This is achieved through a modular GUI.  Alongside a main window that only contains a tree of the user’s preferred window links, there are an arbitrary number of other windows the user can adjust to achieve his or her optimal configuration. The windows and their configurations are automatically stored in the program’s settings so the user has to adjust the windows only once. It could run at Window, Linux and Android platform.


CoreLets are server applications who could, but not have to, run at the same machine as the @OS.MicroCore, as well they could be any ware on the Intranet/Internet. The fields’ devices are communicating with CoreLets at the same level. CoreLets are generally not exchanging data with users, they are representing servers who operates complex Business Logic which is too demanding for regular control device defined behaviors, or could be used as event driven real time SQL RDBMS connectivity points for field data, opening possibility for building Web based application on top of the RDBMS.

Alarm CoreLet – Alarm Editor

Alarm CoreLet – Alarm Editor

Alarm CoreLet is server centric application connected to the @OS MicroCore, accompanied with graphical user interface for Alarm functional distribution. Supports, E-mail sending, SMS notification and as well cascading to higher rank officer in case that the alarm is not noticed and confirmed

Permition CoreLet – Permition Editor

Permition CoreLet – Permition Editor

Permission Editor is an Application for user right management. It could be extend through Radius and LDAP towards corporate Identity management solutions like IBM Tivoli

Integration with a company ICT applications (Industry 4.0 functionality)

Shell SDK ( C++, Java; Windows, Linux)

Client programs can connect to the @OS.MicroCore and get the information on past object values as the MicroCore stores all object value changes in its internal database. They can also be notified with object value changes as they happened. Traffic also goes through UnifiedControlNetworkProtocol. Client connectivity to the @OS.MicroCore is handled by the BrightCore client API and by SDK - Shell. Shell is simple to use, it enables third party vendors to create new BrightCore clients (called BrightLets and CoreLets) tailored to custom specifications. Shell also supports client network actuation - setting the network variable values. Shell solves problem of changing of user demands. - client programs can be created and modified assures wish, without compromising system structure and function. Shell opens Industry 4.0 type of window to ICT application which need to  communicate with field devices at the same M2M level.

SQL Database CoreLet

SQL Database CoreLet is designed for intercommunication between real time automation network systems and SQL RDBMS.

It is designed to support full access to data produced by the BrightCore @OS ( alarms, trends, values, system events...), and to transfer data from 3rd party applications and databases back to the BrightCore @OS in real time.

It is constructed as an event driven direct two-way interaction conduit between BrightCore @OS and different standard RDBMS systems.

It allows the automatic data transfer in real time between the database and the @OS objects and properties, and thus the data transfer between nodes from control networks and the database.

Data from the database input table immediately after their input are passed to the BrightCore @OS, while the data from the BrightCore @OS are instantly being written back to the appropriate output tables in the database.

Linking of tables with the BrightCore @OS is done via Connector feature, which by its flexibility in configuring allows connection of multiple appliance instances to the same database table, both input and / or output.

A number of different database types as well the number of instances of the database at the same time connected to the Database CoreLet is not limited, as well the amount of input, output or passive table within each database.

There is built-in mechanism for automated database tables with triggers creation directly from the Builder Tool Database-System-Configuration-Plug-in.

There is a possibility of additional initialization of tables and settings of the additional triggers in the database through Database-System-Configuration-Plug-in.

Currently, there are MySQL and SQLite DAO for connection to the eponymous database.



  • Business requirements analyze
  • Solution design
    • Business modeling
    • Business case development
  • Business process analysis
  • Device and Network integration design
  • Operational model selection


Designs and deployment

  • Network commissioning
  • Business logic creation
  • Custom development if needed
  • Graphical UI design
  • ICT DB design
  • ICT integration
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Acceptance tests



  • Hosting in-house or data center
  • System monitoring
  • SLA – based support
  • System back up
  • Scalable according load
  • Add on development or 3rd party support for development of custom applications



Solution consulting and application design including  complete consulting from concept to the implementation.

Rapid creation of individual applications by applying Open interfaces to Open protocols (LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, IEC 60870-5, REST, MQTT).

Applications for tablets and Smartphone’s.

Optimized event driven IOT/M2M traffic (very low bandwidth) specially tailored for Mobile and Satellite data transfers.

Strong encrypted communication between connected nodes- AES 256 real time data, scalable to any size of network with any number of devices.

Interaction of OT infrastructure with existing IOT/ICT solutions via open interfaces.

Affordable pricing models through connected devices both as a service and as @OS appliance sales.

Pricing Model

1. @OS Appliance purchases

The System could be purchased as an appliance. In that case customer could purchase appliance with 100.000 MicroUnits base. Appliance has all EdgeDevices include in the price. If there are remote sites the edge device has to be purchased separately

With the appliance comes essential BrightLets and CoreLets, the customer could purchase additional licenses for 3rd party applications both BrightLets and CoreLets

MicroUnit represents multiplication of Object and weight - quantifier

To get a sense about 100.000 MicroUnits, by our tastings its represents network of 30 to 50 devices.

It is one time purchase and the consumer could sign maintenance agreement

There are following MicroUnit lots:

  • 100.000 MicroUnits
  • 50.000 MicroUnits
  • 10.000 MicroUnits
  • 5.000 MicroUnits
  • 1.000 MicroUnits
  • 500 MicroUnits

2. Service Model

In case customer do not need @OS and would rather have service model. We are offering hosting under following conditions:

  • Service Monthly Fee
  • One time charge for the Edge device
  • The Number of devices connected is unlimited
  • One tenant
  • Number of users is unlimited
  • Storage 1GB
  • 20.000 events
  • Support included 8x5

Additional charge:

  • Additional tenant
  • Additional Edge device
  • Additional 1GB of disk space
  • Additional 1000 events

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