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BrightCore Modbus Holodeck Network

Modbus over BrightCore over Satellite communication link

will lower satellite Monthly bill by 80%

Modbus Over BrightCore over Satellite

Modbus is one of the most used industrial protocols globally. A lot of Oil & Gas applications uses Modbus as its transport and connectivity mechanism. Unfortunately, Modbus is not designed to be secure and efficient over Satellite link.

All offered solution available are not really taking care of security, and traffic optimization. As well if the solution needs to communicate with a lot of remote site sites, pulling data by SCADA from remote sites becomes very slow, therefore almost unusable.

There is growing need to communicate with the remote sites from various reasons, which all share the same agenda – lowering expenses through sensor data readouts or process optimization by the application which use real time data to do optimal actuator adjustment in real time.

One of the critical issues during upgrade of the monitoring & control system is to keep all already deployed technology in place. In short  not to exchange anything from the site.

BrightCore exactly offers that. No changes to the existing system just insert of a new system component, which is easily installable by average automation technician and brings requested traffic optimization and security.

To setup solution it is needed to connect physical Modbus network to the Modbus BrightNode, then to establish satellite link with  BrightCore Modbus Holodeck which represent remote Modbus network as virtual device network connectable to SCADA system as any other physical Modbus network.

There is nothing new to be learned, and since it is easy and fast deployable solution it is easy to offered to end users who need to set up real time M2M connectivity with their remote sites.

At this moment most of the satellite operators are offering store & forward solution for M2M but do not have clear financially sound real time connectivity solution. BrightCore Modbus Holodeck solution with its unique value proposition and proven test results deserve to be taken into account when Modbus remote sites need to be connected with the central office.

BrightCore Modbus Holodeck Network solution offers true real time Modbus over satellite without programming, complex installation procedures, and with tunable traffic control,  full controllable by end user payload security, and instant connectivity to any Modbus network and SCADA system.

More then that solution works as fully event driven so there will be no SCADA pull time degradation regardless of number of remote sites and number of devices connected.

Among other features BrightCore Modbus Holodeck network offers:

  • Full and true real time
  • Significeiently lower the cost of effective L-band against Ku band usage, and extend L-band finatial soundes to 500Mb of traffic monthly
  • Installation and oerational mainteinace simplicity
  • Compatibility with any SCADA system
  • Simple and fast exchangeability of Faulty hardware by a technician
  • Performance stability (no pulling time degradation) even total sulutin include 100s of remote sites integrated under common SCADA system at the central location
  • Big Data remote site enabler

BrightCore Modbus Holodeck Network solution saves 80% of Local Automation Network traffic and by that opens a totally new market for SCADA connectivity over Satcom infrastructure.

BrightCore solution setup is fast and there is no need for any additional knowledge except regular Modbus and SCADA understanding.

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