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About BrightCore @OS

BrightCore@OT is a distributed network oriented IoT automation middleware solution with ability to enable virtually unlimited variations in human-machine and machine-machine interactions.

It is an open distributed M2M/IoT platform, not vertically organized closed “SCADA” type system solution. The data processing engine is divided from automation and IoT networks as well from applications layer and could live as fully distributed process.

BrightCore @OT includes tools for an easy integration, maintenance, supervision and development of new applications and services, as well object classes. (Prototypes of user - defined constructs, which govern how variable data is processed) The System opens space to IOT & ICT professionals by Shell API, or by sending data to open SQL database for further processing. It is not mandatory that further processing of data should be done by experts in the automation. Therefore, regular ICT programmers could build connections to Enterprise class of applications, regardless of technology which they are familiar with.


All products developed at the top of the Shell API could be offered to the market as a separate products. Its focus is the needs of users not the technology itself. Besides, this technological solution primary helps by connecting devices from the different syntactic and semantic networks. From the fieldbus automation point of view through corresponding adapter BrightNode serves as just another node of the particular fieldbus network, and it will be seen from Management Tools as any other node of that fieldbus network.

Since, the solution is media and application protocol agnostic it could be used for development of: Streetlight, Monitoring solutions, Distributed Enterprise Solutions, Energy management solutions. The main principle of the solution is it's ability to present complete “syntactic-semantic notion of network infrastructure” regardless of field protocol used. That makes it expandable to hundreds of facilities and at the same time still preserving integrity of the local control network infrastructure. In principle, the model follows the way of connecting ICT infrastructure like LAN and WAN. With the difference, that instead of routing of just the information packets through communication, it is handling content through usage of it's class/objects model.

BrightCore @OT is designed as a service, and as a such, belongs to the category of “Internet of Things” technologies (IOT). @OS is a solution, which could solve large campus integration problems, as well as to efficiently solve integration of large geographically distributed multi vendor facility automation networks.

BrightCore @OS is built precisely with an idea to reduce the number of people engaged in passive maintenance and to help to Outsource services of control infrastructure and to keep and maintain the highest corporate standards. In the context of this service, it is important to mention that all companies that have ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 as of 2011 need to access to certification for ISO 50001 - standard for energy management.  Without such infrastructure, it will be very expensive task to maintain this ISO standard. It is assumed that this standard will influence up to 60% of the world energy consumption, and therefore it will become very important for global corporations.


It doesn't matter what industry we are referring to, Utilities, Trade, Building management, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transport - BrightCore @OS could help in finding the right, affordable and extendable solution.

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