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Who could be interested in BrightCore?

1. End-user who has lot of buildings and would like to control all of them through IP infrastructure from one service center, sharing the same competence in management of all buildings through usage of expert groups (one group could manage all chillers in all buildings another one could manage all Generators, third one all UPS systems, and so on). At the same time, not all expert groups need to sit in the same place!
2. End users who would like to connect building data efficiently with the vertical and horizontal applications.
3. Big contractors (HVAC, ELECTRICAL) that have a lot of installations and would like to lower their maintenance expenses, avoid vendor locking, and still provide first class service.
4. Facility management companies that would like to connect building automation infrastructure to Facility management software infrastructure, subcontracting maintenance expenses and escape from single automation vendor price cage scenarios.
5. Energy management organizations that would like to escape from a single vendor metering device approach, as well as single vendor application scenarios.
6. Service providers who would like to use normalize building data for their ICT services.
7. Automation distribution companies who sell open system hardware and need a software solution that can easily cover all type of open automation infrastructures.

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