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Why you needed to develop BrightCore, why not use just WEB for this kind of integrations?

We see Web access as just one kind of application in BrightCore infrastructure. The web is not event-driven, so one can hardly get information when an event in the infrastructure happened. The web is good in cases when you have a situation like “Ask to Get” but will not work efficiently when you have a situation like “Get when happens”. BrightCore can work over the Internet and Intranet using both scenarios.

The second issue is in managing of buildings remotely. It is necessary for having proper security login structure and ability to remotely and securely changes and maintains information structure. With BrightCore, the ability to do so is a simple and fully secure task, as everything is integrated into core structure. BrightCore does not send insecure information over the Internet. It only uses a securely encrypted envelope for all traffic to prevent Hackers from changing parameters of the building!

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